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Most of my work has focused on young people and families managing type 1 diabetes (T1D). Managing type 1 diabetes is challenging, often scary, and places never-ending demands on the affected individuals and their families. The good news is that many families manage diabetes quite well! We hope our research will help those with type 1 diabetes and their families manage this chronic condition.

These articles provide summaries of our findings (Go to Publications for specific findings):

Wiebe, DJ, Helgeson, V, & Berg, CA (2016). The social context of managing diabetes across the life span. American Psychologist, 71, 526-538.

Wiebe, DJ, Berg, CA, Mello D, & Kelly CS (2018). Self- and social-regulation in type 1 diabetes management during late adolescence and emerging adulthood. Current Diabetes Reports, 18:23.

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