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Selected Publications:

Parental Involvement in Type 1 Diabetes Management across Adolescence

Berg, CA, Wiebe, DJ, Tracy, EL, Kelly, CS, Mello, D, Turner, SL, Butner, J, Mansfield, J, White, P, Murray, M, & Suchy, Y (2019). Changes in parental involvement and type 1 diabetes management across early emerging adulthood. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 44 (8), 970-979.

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Developmental processes associated with longitudinal declines in parental responsibility and adherence
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Emotions and Health Care Decision Making

Baucom, KJW, Turner, SL, Lee, E, Berg, CA, & Wiebe, DJ (2018). Depressive symptoms and diabetes management from late adolescence to emerging adulthood. Health Psychology, 37(8), 716-724.

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management across adolescence. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 36, 837-846.

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Relationships with Peers and Health Care Providers

Pihlaskari, AK, Wiebe, DJ, Troxel, NR, Stewart, SM, & Berg, CA. (2018). Perceived peer support and diabetes management from adolescence into early emerging adulthood. Health Psychology, 37(11),

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emerging adults at the transfer to adult care. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 42 (5), 831-841.

Wiebe, D. J., Baker, A. C., & Marino, J. A. (2020). Medical Systems and Patient Provider Relationships. In A. M. Delamater and D. G. Marrero (Eds.). Behavioral Diabetes: Ecological Perspectives. New York, NY: Springer.

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Self-Regulation and Diabetes Management in Late Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Wiebe, DJ, Baker, AC, Suchy, Y, Stump, TK, & Berg, CA (2018). Individual differences and day-to-day fluctuations in goal planning and type 1 diabetes management. Health Psychology, 37, 638-646.

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Health Disparities in Diabetes Management.

Mello, D. & Wiebe, D. J. (in press). The role of socioeconomic status in Latino health disparities among youth with type 1 diabetes. Current Diabetes Reports.

Mello, D., Wiebe, D. J., Baker, A., Butner, J., & Berg, C. A. (2020). Neighborhood Disadvantage, Parent-Adolescent Relationship Quality, and Type 1 Diabetes in Late Adolescents Transitioning to Early Emerging Adulthood. Social Science and Medicine, 255

Tucker, C., Wiebe, D.J., Main, A., Lee, A., & White, P.E. (2018). Adolescent information management and parental knowledge in non-Latino White and Latino youth managing type 1 diabetes. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 43, 207-217.

Mello, D., Wiebe, D. J., Barranco, C., & Barba, J. (2017). The stress and coping context of type 1 diabetes management among Latino and non-Latino White early adolescents and their mothers. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 42, 647-656.

Wang, J., Wiebe D.J., & White, P. (2011).  Developmental trajectories of metabolic control among White, Black, and Hispanic youth with type 1 diabetes. Journal of Pediatrics, 159, 571-576.

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