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Image by Esther Tuttle

Regulating Adherence to type 1 Diabetes into Young adulthood (READY):

Funded by a 5-year NIH grant, we examined how adolescents with type 1 diabetes transition into emerging adulthood and the ways that parents assist in that transition. The transitions of late adolescence and emerging adulthood (ages 18+) pose challenges for managing type 1 diabetes (move out of home, move from the pediatric care system, join the work force). READY was a longitudinal observational study involving 250 adolescents with type 1 diabetes at two sites (Utah and Texas). They were recruited in their senior year of high school and assessed annually for four years, with a daily diary assessment in years 1 and 2. This project was a collaboration with Dr. Cynthia Berg at University of Utah. We are still analyzing data, and our participants are now helping us to develop an intervention based on the findings.

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